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The fundamental of the organization is - providing quality service to the client and takes the quote of the eminent Engineer Visweswarayya:
“If your job is to sweep, sweep it in the best possible way so that, none can excel you”.
All team members undergo Continued Competency Education (CCE) Training at regular intervals to develop their knowledge base and enhance their intellectual capital. The CCE training will be in the areas of functional, domain, technical and psychometrics. This CCE training makes each team member a Knowledge center to cater to various clients and for the smooth running of the services. As a part of the CCE the organization has developed a e-Library as well as physical library and subscribed/registered with various national/international knowledge and research centers for continuous knowledge downpour


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Entry Level Entrants:
If you seek a vibrant career in IT services, then SAL offers you the ideal work environment to take that important first step.
Apply now by sending your resume to info@saltechnologies.co.in. Career Guidance and Placement Agencies can also contact us at this e-mail address.
Lateral Entrants:
You are an emerging IT Professional. SAL is an emerging leader in the IT services space. Now that is a potent combination. Ready to boost your career and our credentials. Then send your resume to info@saltechnologies.co.in
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